Taking Care of the Characters: Mrs. Potato Head/Mr. Potato Head

Mrs. Potato Head

“Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head! Mrs. Potato Head!” ~Mr. Potato Head on Andy’s birthday

Background Basics: Mrs. Potato Head is the wife of Mr. Potato Head and his female counterpart. She is originally Molly’s Christmas present but in Toy Story 2, it’s clear that she is now Andy’s toy. Although not one of the original characters; she is still seen by Andy as one of his favorite toys.

Nicknames: Sweet Potato (Mr. Potato Head/Lotso), One-eyed Betty (Andy)

Classification: Molly’s toy/Andy’s toy

Hobbies: Accessorizing!

Connections to Characters:

Strongest Relationships: Married to Mr. Potato Head

Other: Adopts three squeeze toy aliens from Pizza Planet (saved by Mr. Potato Head) and becomes their mother figure

Enemies: None

Through Andy’s Eyes: Mrs. Potato Head and Mr. Potato Head are always together and “madly in love”. In Toy Story 3, we see her as One-eyed Betty a counterpart villain sidekick with Mr. Potato Head. She’s strong in the martial arts as well.

Voiced by: Estelle Harris

Personality Profile: Unlike her husband, she’s sweet at heart. But she shares his fuse for a temper when she’s angry. She adores her husband, Mr. Potato Head and is always willing to give him a hand.

Strengths: She’s sweet and kind at heart; especially to her husband, Mr. Potato Head

Weaknesses: She’s prone to having a short-temper

Memorable Quotes:

“Oh, you found it! Oh, it’s so nice to have a big, strong spud around the house.”

“You saved their lives? Oh, my hero! They’re so adorable! Let’s adopt them!” referring to the three aliens from Pizza Planet

“Don’t talk to any toy you don’t know.”


Fun Facts:

  • Mrs. Potato Head comes with over 30 accessories
  • The theory on why Mrs. Potato Head was always in Andy’s room remains a mystery. It is possible that Molly took no interest in her from the start and Andy found favor with her because he already had a Mr. Potato Head. This is most likely what happened, but it is never confirmed entirely…
  • In Toy Story 3, Mrs. Potato Head is without her left eye for virtually the entire film. But that left eye helps her see Andy being upset about the toys mistakenly being thrown away later through Andy’s room. She confirms to the toys that Andy does care about them and Woody was telling the truth.
  • In the Toy Story 2 outtakes she is seen overloading Mr. Potato Head back compartment with a ton of unnecessary supplies: cheese puffs, a key, a golf ball, a plastic steak, a rubber ducky, a yo-yo, a bouncy ball, wind-up teeth, two yellow crayons, blue play-doh, a dime, and monkey chow. In the actual movie it’s just an “extra pair of shows and angry eyes.”

Mr. Potato Head

“The Potato Heads, Mr. and Mrs. You’ve gotta keep ‘em together, ’cause they’re madly in love.” Andy

Background Basics: Mr. Potato Head is one of the biggest characters in the Toy Story trilogy. His personality comes greatly from his face and body parts always being knocked off. Thus, he is a hot-headed and a pessimist at heart. His soft side comes into play when he’s with his wife, Mrs. Potato Head. He is manufactured from Playskool.

Nicknames: One-eyed Bart (Andy), Vegetable Man (Deluded Buzz, Toy Story 2)  

Classification: Andy’s toy

Connections to Characters:


Strongest Relationships: Married to Mrs. Potato Head

Other: At the end of Toy Story 3, finally accepts the three green aliens from Pizza Planet as his own, also is Hamm’s closest friend

Enemies: At certain points in Toy Story–Woody, in Toy Story 3–Lotso and his gang

Through Andy’s Eyes: He and Hamm are seen as the two main villains of Buzz and Woody as shown in Toy Story and Toy Story 3. He is nicknamed one-eyed Bart by Andy. Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head are always together once she becomes one of Andy’s toys.

Voiced by: Don Rickles

Personality Profile: Mr. Potato Head is sarcastic, cynical, jealous, and is sometimes unfriendly and rude. His devotion is set onhis wife, Mrs. Potato Head. He is also moody and hot-tempered. His personality is directly tied in with his body parts constantly falling off or being knocked off. Thus Mr. Potato Head is naturally angry and not “all together” when a crisis arises.

Strengths: The ability to detach his body parts comes in hand in several different instances throughout the films. He can retain control over body parts even if they are several meters away from him. His main strength is his devotion to his wife, Mrs. Potato Head. He is loyal and committed to making her happy. He is also loyal to his closest friends and willing to help them out.

Weaknesses: As already noted, Mr. Potato Head has a problem controlling his temper and thus says things that are mean and hurtful at times. He’s also quick to jump to conclusions and this leads him to be overly judgmental; especially in the case of accusing Woody of “killing” Buzz. Lastly, he struggles mightily with the issue of trust which leads him to doubt when the evidence isn’t right in front of him.

Defining Moments: After Buzz is accidentally knocked out of Andy’s room, Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story is quick to accuse Woody of “killing” Buzz. This leads to a distrust and joy in getting rid of Woody and having nothing to do with him. At the climax of Toy Story, he and the other toys finally see that Woody was telling the truth. Mr. Potato Head is quick to help Woody and Buzz back to safety by holding on to Slinky’s tail. For his trouble, he gets hit dead-on with RC also Woody tosses him back into the moving van. This may be seen as due justice for his incriminating attitude towards Woody. The change in his character begins to be unveiled in Toy Story 2, as he quick to go on a mission to help the others rescue Woody. When Buzz mentions Potato Head ordering Woody to be thrown out of the moving van in Toy Story, he is shown to still be regretting his decision. But, in Toy Story 3, he once again struggles with trusting Woody and is cynical in nature. After a series of events at Sunnyside and Mrs. Potato Head’s revelation to them, he once again is confronted with the error of his ways. He once again is quick to help out Woody and the other toys in using his unique disembodiment to their advantage. Once they escape the clutches of death, he is grateful and remorse for his doubt in Woody and also Andy as well. In conclusion, Mr. Potato Head makes many mistakes in judgment and in his demeanor towards Woody, and a times Andy. He still struggles with his weaknesses as the three films progress forward, but seems wiser, more trusting, and grateful when it’s all said and done.

Memorable Quotes:

“I feel fresh! Healthy! It’s terrible!”

“Don’t you get it? We’re finished! Absolutely over the hill!”

“Ages three and up, it’s on my box, ages three and up! I’m not supposed to be babysitting Princess Drool.”

“Hey, a laser! How come you don’t have a laser, Woody?”

“Son of a building block, it’s Woody!”

“You’re not turning me into a mashed potato.”

“Prepare to meet Mr. Angry Eyes!”

“Jessie’s right, Woody. She was wrong.”

“Remind me to glue his helmet shut when we get back.”

Fun Facts:

  • One of Mr. Potato Head’s first lines: “What are you looking at, ya hockey puck?” is one of Don Rickles’ catchphrases.
  • Mr. Potato Head is the first toy seen in Toy Story.
  • When Mr. Potato Head threw his hat to stop the closing doors in Toy Story 2, it was a parody to Oddjob’s trademark hat-throwing technique in Goldfinger.
  • Mr. Potato Head’s shown ensemble of parts are: two eyes, two pink ears, white arms with gloves, two pairs of blue shoes (and one extra pair), a red mouth, an orange nose, black eyebrows, a black moustache, a black bowler hat, and a pair of angry eyes.
  • Apparently, Mr. Potato Head is a Catholic Irish Spud, as he is seen crossing himself in Toy Story–or it’s just for comedic relief!
  • Mr. Potato Head is reveled to be the 2nd toy ever received by Andy, behind Woody by the producers of Toy Story.

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