Credo House Ministries

Together Transforming Tomorrow Tuesday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Through Michael Patton’s simple idea to teach apologetics to both saints and seekers, Credo House Ministries was born. Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, the Credo House itself is unique to many ways. It can hold up to 55 people at once and it a mix between a Starbucks, book store, study hall, ivy league library, and church history museum. Parts of the Credo House include: Heretics Corner, Cappadocian Bar, Reformation Doors, Church History Wall, and the Wall of Theologians.

Do you have a question about the Christian faith? Then check out the questions and answers page that includes 263 questions and a video that helps answer that question. Their blog page is called Parchment and Pen, located here. They also have an online membership program which gives you access to curriculum, exclusive content, and more! Credo House Ministries has a vast amount of apologetics materials available in their online store such as books, cds, DVDs, and workbooks for group settings. You can donate to this noteworthy apologetics ministry here: This is certainly a site to bookmark and a ministry worth supporting. And if you live nearby or ever happen to travel through Oklahoma—make sure to check out their coffee shop which is pictured below. As Patton, the founder says it’s a place “where people can learn, fellowship, study, and just hang out under the banner of truth and grace in Christ.”    

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