Surround Sound: September 3, 2012

Music Made Monday: (Chris August’s official website) (info about each song) (upcoming tour dates) (Community page for Chris August)

Together Transforming Tomorrow Tuesday: (Credo House Ministries website) (Videos on 200 plus theological questions) (Parachment and Pen blog page) (Credo House Ministries membership program) (Credo House Ministries store) (Donate to Credo House Ministries)

Websites with Wisdom Wednesday:

Revolution Rec Center (teens/high school students Bible Studies, community), Denison Forum on Truth and Culture (engaging contemporary culture with biblical truth), Momentum (helping church leaders achieve momentum in their ministries), and Converge (a place for Church techs and creative people to meet)

Following in His Footsteps Friday: (Answers to the questions concerning the flood, geology, fossils, etc.) (Answers to questions on Noah’s Ark) (Answers to questions on the Flood) (Answers to questions on the flood’s evidence today)

Seeking the Savior Saturday: “The New Answers Book  (The New Answers Book by Ken Ham)

“The New Answers Book 2″  (The New Answers Book by Ken Ham)

“The New Answers Book 3″ (The New Answers Book by Ken Ham)

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